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New NSX Type S, The Final Model of The Second-Generation NSX Supercar

New NSX Type S, The Final Model of The Second-Generation NSX Supercar. Tokyo, Japan, August 3, 2021 – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Today released initial information on the new limited production NSX Type S, which is scheduled to be officially introduced before the end of the month.

Striving to be a model with outstanding dynamic perfomance, yet that anyone can be comfortable driving, the second-generation NSX was introduced in august 2016, inheriting the “Human-Centered Supercar” concept put forward by the first generation NSX.

New NSX Type S, moreover the second generation NSX proposes a “New Sports eXperience,” made possible by this new-era supercar which features three-motor Sport Hybrid SH-AWD, an original Honda electrification technology, and realizes high-level responsiveness and handling perfomance, not possible with an engine alone.

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new nsx type s

The New NSX Type S be the final model of the second generation NSX, and the development team pursued enhancements to perfomance and design with the goal to create a model that goes beyond all NSX models that came before.

Initial information on the NSX Type S released yesterday is available at the following (Japanese only).

NSX Type S: A spesial model developed with gratitude to Honda Customers.

The history of the second-generation NSX will conclude in December 2022 when the final NSX Type S is produced. The NSX Type S is the culmination of the challenges Honda took on for the second-generation NSX, and it is a special model Honda developed as an expression of gratitude toward customers who have loved NSX to date.

NSX Type S

The Development team pursued the futher improvement of driving perfomance and the sharp and beautiful presence and strived to offer the “Joy of Driving” and “Joy of Driving Vehicleat the will of the Driver” as well as the “Joy of Owning” a special vehicle.

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With the addition of a new, limited matte colot, the NSX Type S featuring enhanced attractiveness as a supercar model will be launched with limited sales of 350 units worldwide (30 units in Japan, 320 Units outside japan).

NSX represents the challenges Honda took on while advancing itself with the times.

NSX represents the challenges Honda took on in creating cars and other products desired by people of the times. NSX has provided super sports experiences customers can enjoy in a broad range of driving situations including daily commuting, driving on widing roads and sports driving on a racing circuit.

Moreover, NSX has played a role in the Honda/Acura brand by making a significant contribution to motorsports activities as well.

The first-generations NSX, which went on sale in 1990, realized a significant weight reduction by adopting an all-aluminum monocoque body, a world’s first for mass-production vehicles.

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As a new-generation midship sportcar that brought together state-of-the-art technologies of the time and achieved both excellent dynamic perfomance and ease of driving at a high level, the first-generation NSX was well received by customers around the world.

While holding firm the concept of “human-centered supercar” inherited from the first-generation NSX and adopting Honda’s original and advanced electrtification technologies, and the second-generation NSX was developed and introduced in 2016 to provide more customers with the “Joy of Driving” generated by at sense of oneness between the driver and vehicle.

Moreover, NSX has been supplied globally from the Perfomance Manufacturing Center in the U.S., which realized harmony between the craftmanship of skilled engineers and innovative advanced production technologies.

Inherting the Challenging Spirit – New Challenge toward a New Era.

By leveraging human resources and technologies amassed through the development and advancement of NSX in creating cars and other products in the future, honda will continue to take on new challnges to continue offing the “Joy of Driving” to its customers with electrified and new-value mobility products yet to be created.

Finally, Honda would like to express its sincere gratitude to all customers and fans who have enjoyed and loved NSX.

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