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International Auto Show 2020 Indonesian Officially Postponed, No Participants Have Quit

International Auto Show 2020 Indonesian Event (GIIAS 2020) Officially was postponed, no APM has been yet submitted their resignations.

GIIAS 2020 Predicted that Many Participants Will Join – The GIIAS 2020 event was officially postponed and will be held in Surabaya on September 2-6 and in Jakarta on October 22 to November 1, 2020. The change in schedule is based on the assumption that the Covid-19 outbreak will start to subside in June 2020.

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Although the announcement has been announced, until now there has been no connection, in this case the official Brand Holder Agent (APM) to resign from the GIIAS 2020. It’s just that, right now there are still internal company discussions that are being discussed in depth.

International auto show

“Until now we have not officially received any APM that has withdrawn. Indeed the majority are still discussing internally. We hope that by the end of June 2020 we will receive a list of participants. As of March, 90 percent of participants participated. Currently in the process of re-registration because they have different planning strategies. The strategy is still the same from us. Targeting the same group. It has been mapped who the majority is coming and which are potential transactions, “said Agus Riyadi as Seven Events Project Director, recently on Thursday (5/14).


Meanwhile, regarding the matter of the GIIAS 2020 schedule, Rizwan Alamsjah himself, who was the Chair of Gaikindo III and also served as chairman of the GIIAS exhibition, made a statement that no doubt there were several stages of adjustments which included changes to the schedule for organizing the annual automotive exhibition. On the other hand, he also revealed that the planning was based on assumptions and estimates of the emergency response imposed by the government. Which in this case includes a matter of consideration about the preparation time needed before the GIIAS 2020 event is opened.

“The schedule is indeed based on our assumptions, in June the Corona outbreak subsided. Then July we get ready. The exhibition takes at least three months to prepare. Based on that assumption, GIIAS Surabaya takes place in September and in Jakarta in October. If conditions are inadequate, it can be postponed again, “Rizwan added in his explanation.

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