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Honda Extends Production Suspension in North America

Honda Extends Production Suspension in North America, Washington – Honda Motor Co has extended production suspensions at several plants in north america until march 29 due to various supply problems, Reuters, Tuesday, March 23, 2021.

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Last week, the japanese auomaker said problems would force it to halt honda extends production at most North American plants for the null week through March 22 and affect production at its North American plants.

According to Honda, Honda Extends Production the impact of Covid-19, congestion at various ports, shortage of microchips (semiconductor chips) and severe winter weather were the causes of production cuts.

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The semiconductor chips crisis is impacting production worldwide.

Last week, Toyota Motor Corp. said it was cutting production at four plants in Kentucky, west virginia and Mexico, citing petrochemical shortages and recent bad weather conditions.

Stellantis warned on saturday, March 20, 2021, that its highly profitable pickup truck was hit with this problem, while ford Motor Co said it would cut more production in the United States.

Stellantis, the world’s fourth-largest automaker, said it would build and hold final assembly of the Ram 1500 Classic truck at its warren, Michigan, and Saltillo, Mexico assembly plants. When the chip is available, the vehicle will be finalized and sent to dealer.

The chip shortage, which has plagued automakers globally, stems from a variety of factors. The automakers closed its North American factory for two months last year during the Covid-19 pandemic and canceled chip order.

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Honda Extends Production Meanwhile, demand for semiconductor chips surged from the electronics industry as people worked from home and played videos games. Now car manufactures like Honda, Toyota, Ford, Stellantis, have to complete for Chips.

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